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Recently, cryptocurrencies and blockchains have been gaining a lot of traction with the media and the public.

Many industries are exploring the possibilities the technology enables. Internet of Things is no different, with its many possible applications.

Distributed ledger technologies bring extra safety to the world of IoT, along with offering completely new business opportunities.

Ruuvi is one of the first IoT sensor companies supporting these bleeding edge technologies. We're closely cooperating with pioneers of this new industry.

Distributed Ledger

Information collected by sensors is effectively distributed around the world. Safer than a bank.

The Perfect Platform

Ruuvi, as a 100% open-source sensor platform, enables a huge selection of uses in the DLT world.

Data Integrity

Feel confident about the data, which the sensors produce. Achieve safer cold chain monitoring than ever before.

Monetize the Data

Create completely new business models by selling sensor data. This is not only available to companies, but also to private individuals.

Blockchain News RuuviloveDLT - the perfect match

RuuviTag has become a popular low-power IoT sensor platform among IoT blockchain developers.

Join the crew on Ruuvi Slack and follow us on Twitter @ruuvicom.

Nano meetup

Our team visited $NANO meetup in New York. Always great to chat with talented devs! @nano @ColinLeMahieu – @ruuvicom

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Consensus 2018

At #Consensus2018 crypto event in New York we shared more than 400 #RuuviTag freebies. Thanks for every booth visitor! – @ruuvicom

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Ruuvi & Streamr

Ruuvi & Streamr partner to create world’s largest, monetised, open-source sensor community. – @streamrinc

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Streamr blog

Ruuvi at IoT Camp

@ruuvicom present today in #IOTCAM18 his open-source device. – @IoTCamp18

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Ruuvi & IOTA

Henri & Wilfried Pimenta at Bosch ConnectedWorld 2018

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Streamr demo

We loved RuuviTags smart tags so much we put them all over our office, hooked them up to the Streamr Engine and created a demo using Ethereum. - @streamrinc

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RuuviLab tutorial

Ruuvi partners with ethereum camp

Excited to have @ruuvicom as a #Ethereumcamp Sponsor! - @ethereumcamp
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Iota & Ethereum summer camp

Iota & Ethereum summer camp

A 5-day IOTA / Ethereum hacking event took place in Frankfurt. 15 real-life IoT projects. - @ruuvicom

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Blog post

Bounty Board with Ethereum and RuuviTag

Bounty Board

A skateboard with RuuviTag sensors that lets you earn Ether for good tricks! - @weeveiot

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Youtube video

Ruuvi & IoTHon

IoThon is an open source IoT hackathon that took place in Janunary 18–19, 2018 in Berlin - @ruuvicom

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Partnerships We work together

Do you want to create cool things with us? We always love to explore new opportunities.


Streamr has an ambitious aim to monetize sensor data. They also offer simple tools to create demos using RuuviTags, as shown in the video.

“In this simple demo, the Streamr Engine calculates a one-hour rolling average temperature and reports it (once every hour) to the smart contract. This demonstrates how the Streamr Engine can be used to easily build data processing oracles, reporting the calculation results to smart contracts.”

Streamr Blog / Streamr homepage / Video: What is Streamr?

“We loved RuuviTags smart tags so much we put them all over our office, hooked them up to the Streamr Engine and created a demo using Ethereum.”

Henri Pihkala
Founder and CEO of Streamr

Ethereum Camp

This event has been organised twice so far, and Ruuvi attended both events as their hardware sponsor.

“Ethereum Camp is a 4-day hackathon. We empower blockchain enthusiasts to transform their ideas into real prototypes and new business models by providing a best-in-class expert network and learning environment.” / Ruuvi Blog post

“With their sensor technology, RuuviTags provides an excellent technology we used multiple occasions, for example in IoT/Ethereum hackathon and for research projects. We especially liked the ease of integration; “plug and play” as its best.”

Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner
Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

Ruuvi Innovations & IOTA


Since July 2017, Ruuvi has cooperated with IOTA’s core team by adding IOTA Masked Authentication Messaging (MAM) support to RuuviTag. This made RuuviTag the first IOTA compatible low-power sensor node. Both parties announced the project in September 2017 at a blockchain hackathon event in Frankfurt, Germany.

Ruuvi Blog post /

3 things you need to know about IOTA

A video by community member Everything Tangle.