Panorama Dreams

Apartment 1F8

is situated in Building 1

and is on the third floor

In the Building 1, you will find an elevator.

The apartment is on both sides of the building connected and has 2 balconies. 1 balcony is on the pool side and the double balcony is on the sea side.

Apartment 1F8

Technical Specifications What’s inside our RuuviTags?

RuuviTag is built from the ground up using the latest technology available.

  1. Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 System-on-Chip
  2. STMicroelectronics LIS2DH12 accelerometer
  3. Bosch BME 280 temperature + relative air humidity + air pressure sensor
  4. NFC™-A tag antenna
  5. 1000mAh CR2477 battery
  6. Recommended -20ºC to +70ºC (max -40ºC to +85ºC)
  7. 2 buttons
  8. 2 LEDs
  9. 45 mm diameter (circuit board)
  10. 52 mm diameter (enclosure)
  11. Long range radio antenna

Successful design starts with the details

RuuviTag is so much more than just a Bluetooth® beacon. Keep reading to find out.

Open-source hardware


Choosing an open-source over a proprietary product has many advantages:

  • Safe. No risks of future vendor lock-ins.
  • Save money and time by having a tested codebase in your own firmware development, right from the start.
  • Prototyping is fast and easy (i.e. with external sensors).
  • Possibility to modify both the hardware and software.
  • Strength from large community. New uses, code snippets, and more, are made available to you on regular basis
Long range antenna on sensor beacon

Superior antenna

We have paid a lot of attention to the antenna design. To showcase the performance of the antenna, we have measured long ranges using a stock mobile phone as a beacon packet receiver.

Even if long range measurements are not always required, having an efficient antenna means that a lower transmission power can be used. This leads to a longer battery life.

Waterproof sensor beacon RuuviTag


RuuviTag has all the major certifications including Bluetooth® Declaration ID and Company ID.

The enclosure is made of high-quality polycarbonate and is designed to open easily by retaining its perfect resistance against water.

The environmental sensor breathes through an IP67 certified water-resistant vent sticker made by Gore.

Quality design

A unique battery holder

After many trials and errors we came up with the perfect battery holder mechanism. The circuit board material bends just enough to firmly keep the battery in place. We could have had a pending patent in progress, but we don’t like how restrictive they are.

RuuviTag sensor beacon supported by Espruino

Program in JavaScript

Would you like to create something special with your RuuviTags but the learning curve to low-level C programming sounds a bit steep? Don't worry. It's possible to tinker with the Tag using JavaScript programming language.

RuuviTag is officially supported by Espruino.

NFC on sensor beacon

NFC Coil

In addition to the long-distance radio antenna, RuuviTag also has an NFC-A tag functionality. Securely read your device's ID number or upload configuration parameters.

Bosch sensor beacon

High-accuracy Sensors

We decided not to compromise the sensors' accuracy and chose to use the most suitable parts available. The environmental sensor is made by Bosch Sensortec and the accelerometer by STMicroelectronics.

RuuviTag sensor beacon mesh networking

Mesh Networking

Wirepas Mesh is a wireless IoT connectivity protocol that allows unlimited number of RuuviTags to be connected to the Internet with unprecedented cost efficiency and industrial-grade reliability.

“I love the openness of Ruuvitags. It's nice to know exactly how the data is processed without getting restricted to an external cloud service. I tinker with Ruuvitags at home and also constantly think of new exciting ideas for our customers as well.”

Juha Lindstedt
iDiD digital signage

Developers' Paradise RuuviLab - Full of Helpful Ideas

Join the fun. Our RuuviLab community site is full of tutorials and ideas showcasing how the device can be used to boost your business or ease your everyday life.

Multi-use Why developers love ruuvitags

There are no limits to how and where RuuviTag can be used. Ready to be deployed in the field, and a perfect platform to develop, hack and learn from.

RuuviTag Video Review

Sensors, BLE, JavaScript and lots of nerd
- #garyexplains


Creative use of RuuviTag

Check out this beautiful interactive painting utilising a #RuuviTag sensor! A dancer made of glass is attached to the painting with a sensor in her hand. If anyone blows on the dancer’s hand, LEDs blink at top of the mountains.

Open tweet

Building RuuviTags

Promistel Industries is an electronics company founded in 1983 and is located close to Paris. Their state-of-the-art production facility has everything that is needed to build embedded electronic products like RuuviTag.

Ruuvi Blog post

Approved Manufacturer For Eddystone

“Eddystone beacons from these manufacturers will work well with all Google products that support beacons.” Ruuvi is proud to be one of Eddystone’s approved manufacturers.

RuuviTag & Bosch

We're happy Bosch Sensortec chip users. RuuviTag is now also listed on Bosch's website as an application board.

DIY Locator

Had some fun with #Ruuvitag for the current issue making a DIY locator for a backpack or laptop bag. - @LinuxUserMag

Open tweet

RuuviTag development history visualised

RuuviTag dev history

RuuviTag open-source firmware GitHub development history beautifully visualised by Ruuvi Community member Scrin.

Youtube video

RuuviTag with Apple Home

“I got @ruuvicom tags to work with Apple Home (via Homebridge)!” - Community member Pakastin

Open tweet

Student project

Student project using RuuviTags at Centria Open.

Open tweet

RuuviTag with Raspberry Pi 3

Turned an old Galaxy tab into a RuuviTag dashboard with Raspberry Pi 3 as webserver, appserver, and database. Now I can slouch on the couch looking at temps, humidity, etc. - @tkanstren

Open tweet

A piece of IoT in sauna

RuuviTag is broadcasting löyly temperature and humidity at Sauna Arla in Helsinki.

Open tweet

Ruuvi at Junction

~1500 tech geeks hacking at Junction in Finland. Some are using RuuviTag open-source sensor nodes to build cool stuff.

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Fast learning with RuuviTag

Student interns doing a great job, just under week and they have industrial ready RuuviTag with ext. temp sensor. - @jariIsohanni

Open tweet

RC Plane telemetry with RuuviTag

Altitude measurements with RuuviTags.

Open tweet

Perfect for Geocaching

Modern geocaching with RuuviTag.

Blog post (in finnish)
Youtube video (Finding a real pokemon)

Sleeping rhythm

Quick test with RuuviTag IntelEdison and Azure-IoT shows that it might be possible to log sleeping rhythm with BLE accelerometer in pillow. - @jariIsohanni

Open Tweet

Mouse trap

#RuuviTag-enabled mousetrap: Capture mice and get push notifications on your phone. - @ruuvicom

Open tweet

“We have been using RuuviTags since 2016. RuuviTag beacons are the perfect fit in to our R&D toolchain. As they are highly customisable it makes them our favourite choice in rapid prototyping. It's quick and easy to get started with RuuviTags so our students also enjoy working with them.”

Jari Isohanni
Centria University
of Applied Sciences