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Hello Friend,
We're Ruuvi

A Startup From Finland.

With our passion for electronics and new innovations, we're disrupting the IoT market with open-source products, which companies and private users actually need.

We have a vision and a clear target. Our aim is to change the world together with you. The continuously growing Ruuvi Community is a significant power resource not only for hackers but also for business customers who benefit from ready-made projects and extended support.

Join the 4000+ members on Ruuvi Slack or just say hi on Twitter @ruuvicom.

“I started to build the Ruuvi Ecosystem 10 years ago and it's rewarding to see how the continuously growing community has been inspired to create new things with us.”

Lauri Jämsä
Founder of Ruuvi

Team Our Ruuvi Family

Ruuvi Core Team - Lauri
Lauri Jämsä
Founder & Electronics

Ruuvi Core Team - Henri
Henri Hakunti
Sales & Operations

Ruuvi Core Team - Otso
Otso Jousimaa
Software Master

Ruuvi Core Team - Sini-Maaria
Sini-Maaria Niku
Brand & Marketing

Marko Aamunkajo
Quality Assurance & Content Creation
Eero Keinänen
Web Manager
Vane Stoev
Juhamatti Järvi
Elias Berg
Android Mobile
Artur Jaskevich
Android Mobile
Rinat Enikeev
iOS Mobile
Vitaliy Yamschikov
iOS Mobile
Antti Hakunti
Order Fulfillment
Vera Lau
Sourcing Manager

“Ruuvi Team is dedicated and passionate about what they do. It's always a pleasure to work with them.”

Anonymous Business User

About Ruuvi Innovations Oy

Ruuvi Innovations is a Finnish startup company with a passion for beautiful and pioneering open-source electronics.

Ruuvi’s team has a long history that started 17 years ago when Lauri and Henri ran their first project together.

Nine years later, the first embedded electronics community site for Finnish electronics enthusiasts was founded. This was the first project under the Ruuvi brand.

After the long journey and the continued vision to create something entirely new to the embedded electronics market, the company Ruuvi Innovations Ltd (Oy) was established in 2015.

Ruuvi’s main product, RuuviTag, was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter in 2016.

Ruuvi has set as its target to be one of the top open-source hardware influencers in the IoT market by the end of the decade.