Panorama Dreams

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Apartment 1F8

This apartment is in the Resort 'Panorama Dreams'

Panorama Dreams is located in the town of 'Sveti Vlas' in Bulgaria.

The apartment is just 50 meters from the Black Sea.

It was once (in 2008) a first line Resort, but after a few years another Resort was built between the beach and the existing Resort 'Panorama Dreams', so now it has become a second line Resort.

The good news is that this has made the Resort much cheaper to stay in and yet it is still not far from the sea/beach.

The early days as First Line Resort

Today as Second Line Resort, the first Line Resort is the 'PREMIER' (in the middle of the picture)

The apartment 1F8 will appear as you scroll down further

The Resort 'Panorama Dreams'

has a swimming pool

that is made up of 3 parts;

The Big-Pool


The same Pole from a different perspective

In the pool is a built-in pool for the small children (next to the pool-bar)

the pool bar is no longer in use, due to lack of staff

Below the large pool is the river pool

This pool is a long pool that ends in the Baby Pool

The Baby pool is the end

This pool is near the Bar

In the overview you see all 3 pools

The pool makes the difference between the many Resorts you find in Sveti Vlas

The unique way of building this pool makes it very interesting for the children to stay in the resort